Volkswagen says cars in India not equipped with defeat device, meet norms

New Delhi: Crisis-hit German auto major Volkswagen today said its recall of 3.24 lakh vehicles in India would begin in the first quarter of 2016, even as it contested the government’s charge of committing a “well thought-out crime” by cheating on emission …

UAW Holds Election With ‘No Concern’ For Volkswagen Workers

The American Council of Employees (ACE) in a letter Thursday expresses great concern over how the United Auto Workers is trying to unionize employees at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tenn. The union is trying to organize a subgroup of 164 skilled …

Volkswagen Sees Drastic 24.7-Percent Drop in November Sales Report

After dropping just a fraction of a point in October, following the revelation of the company’s attempts to defeat emissions testing on its diesel-fueled cars, Volkswagen sales dropped 24.7% in November. The November sales results reflect the impact of …

Volkswagen lawyer wants more than 460 lawsuits against the car company consolidated

A Volkswagen lawyer on Thursday said the company would like hundreds of federal civil lawsuits filed against the carmaker over its emissions cheating scandal to be consolidated in Michigan. Volkswagen’s attorneys were among hundreds of lawyers at a …

Volkswagen emissions scandal: It`s official now – VW India to issue recalls

A month after ‘dieselgate’ coming to light and Volkswagen India telling us that they have sent the EA 189 engine-d cars to ARAI for evaluation, official word has arrived from Volkswagen about the entire situation. In a press release sent out by the German …

Volkswagen Selayang 4S Centre launched – second Volkswagen Technical Service Centre in Malaysia

Volkswagen Selayang 4S Centre has just been launched by Volkswagen Malaysia and Goh Brothers. The centre is also the country’s second Volkswagen Technical Service Centre. Cost to set up the centre amounts to approximately RM25 million. It has a staff …

US Lawsuits Could Cost Volkswagen $1.5B ‘on the Low End’

Analysts are estimating that more than 400 lawsuits (for now) pending against Volkswagen for fraudulent “clean diesel” claims could cost the automaker billions in court — if they even go that far. Bloomberg reported (via Automotive News) that as …

Importance of getting your car repaired at a VW Certified Collision Repair Facility

Volkswagen of America, Inc., has announced a VW-Certified Collision Repair Facility program for U.S. dealer-affiliated and independent body shops. This program will provide VW-certification for collision repair facilities performing repairs in accordance with Volkswagen’s safety standards and specifications.

Volkswagen is excited to partner with both dealer-affiliated and independent collision repair facilities to increase repair quality and customer satisfaction with the Volkswagen brand,” said Matthew McCauley, collision program manager for Volkswagen of America. “This program benefits Volkswagen owners by providing the peace of mind that comes from knowing that when a vehicle is involved in a collision, VW-Certified Collision Repair Facilities will maintain the brand’s safety standards and specifications.”

Technicians at Volkswagen Certified Collision Repair Facilities must undergo training in the proper use of factory-approved repair equipment, tools and technologies to meet Volkswagen’s safety standards and specifications. Repair facilities must also use Volkswagen-approved tools.

Volkswagen will also provide customers with free 24-hour towing of vehicles under warranty exclusively to VW-Certified Collision Repair Facilities as part of the Roadside Assistance program. The company says this program benefits Volkswagen repair shops by providing them with full service capabilities for customers. 


How to care for freshly painted car

1) Especially during the first sixty to ninety days after a new paint job, you should never use commercial car washes and waxes on your car. Most people will take their cars to an automatic or more professional car wash such as a drive-thru car wash. Utilizing these car washes can damage finish if done so during these first sixty to ninety crucial days. It is recommended (even after the sixty to ninety days is up) you should hand wash your car to keep its finish looking perfect.

2) Setting objects on top of a car that has been freshly painted is a big out. Sitting even the smallest objects (something as round and small as the bottom of a drinking glass) can create small scratches on your vehicle’s paint job and these scratches can be made even if you remove the object as slightly as you can. It is recommended that you never set anything (big or small) on top of your car’s paint job even after the paint job has extended beyond the critical stage.

3) If you have just had a fresh paint job, you should keep your car in your garage when not being driven. Things such as bird droppings, tree sap and night dew contain acids that can damage your finish. It is recommended that you keep your car in the garage at least 3 to 4 weeks after your paint job. Also, if contact has occurred you should wash with soap and water immediately.

What to do if you get into an accident

Accidents can happen to anyone – and they always seem to bring more worries than we bargain for. If you are ever involved in a collision, here are some tips to help reduce some of the hassle:

  • After a collision, stop at once and report it to the nearest police station, even if the damage is minimal and no one seems injured. This could protect you from a hit and run charge later.
  • If Injuries have occured, call an ambulance immediately. If you suspect you may have been injured, see a physician promptly. For insurance purposes, you’ll need to prove that you sought medical attention right away.
  • Don’t allow your car to be towed to a repair facility you’re not familiar with. Read any papers carefully before you sign them – make certain that you are not authorizing repairs just by signing the tow release.
  • Write down a complete description of the accident as soon as you can. And if possible, take pictures. Recording important information while your memory is fresh can be valuable for both insurance and legal purposes.