How to care for freshly painted car

1) Especially during the first sixty to ninety days after a new paint job, you should never use commercial car washes and waxes on your car. Most people will take their cars to an automatic or more professional car wash such as a drive-thru car wash. Utilizing these car washes can damage finish if done so during these first sixty to ninety crucial days. It is recommended (even after the sixty to ninety days is up) you should hand wash your car to keep its finish looking perfect.

2) Setting objects on top of a car that has been freshly painted is a big out. Sitting even the smallest objects (something as round and small as the bottom of a drinking glass) can create small scratches on your vehicle’s paint job and these scratches can be made even if you remove the object as slightly as you can. It is recommended that you never set anything (big or small) on top of your car’s paint job even after the paint job has extended beyond the critical stage.

3) If you have just had a fresh paint job, you should keep your car in your garage when not being driven. Things such as bird droppings, tree sap and night dew contain acids that can damage your finish. It is recommended that you keep your car in the garage at least 3 to 4 weeks after your paint job. Also, if contact has occurred you should wash with soap and water immediately.