What to do if you get into an accident

Accidents can happen to anyone – and they always seem to bring more worries than we bargain for. If you are ever involved in a collision, here are some tips to help reduce some of the hassle:

  • After a collision, stop at once and report it to the nearest police station, even if the damage is minimal and no one seems injured. This could protect you from a hit and run charge later.
  • If Injuries have occured, call an ambulance immediately. If you suspect you may have been injured, see a physician promptly. For insurance purposes, you’ll need to prove that you sought medical attention right away.
  • Don’t allow your car to be towed to a repair facility you’re not familiar with. Read any papers carefully before you sign them – make certain that you are not authorizing repairs just by signing the tow release.
  • Write down a complete description of the accident as soon as you can. And if possible, take pictures. Recording important information while your memory is fresh can be valuable for both insurance and legal purposes.